Jowissa is an independent brand based in Switzerland. If there is one thing the Swiss always get right, it is definitely creating stunning timepieces.
Josef Wyss, a young certified watchmaker born in 1914, founded JOWISSA in 1951. He used his own name in combination with the official Swiss corporate registration “SA” (company) to name his brand JOWISSA. Born and reared in the village of Bettlach in the canton of Solothurn he was impressed early on by the long tradition of watchmaking in his hometown. Bettlach has deep roots in this craft going back to the 18th century. As a consequence Josef Wyss decided in early 1940 to learn the profession of the watchmaker.

With growing experience, and an ongoing passion to produce time pieces for the wrist he got motivated to start an own watch company. His finances where tight, and the problems to get a government license to produce watches posed a real challenge. He finally overcame both obstacles and started JOWISSA in 1951.

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