Make Your Fashion Statement With A Trendy Reversible Messenger Bag

With fall officially making its landing there are new fashions and trends that are bound to hit the market. On the runways from Paris to New York handbags and messenger bags that embody the season are making themselves known. Unlike somber styles of the past, more playful styles such as reversible messenger bags and micro purses in a wide range of colors are more in style.

High Fashion Meets High Function

There are many high fashion brands that have featured the change from ornamental to functional in this year’s runway.  The handbag trends of 2019 run from intricately detailed handheld bags to multifunctional Reversible messenger bags like the ones from Lady Alamo. No matter what she prefers there is sure to be a trendy bag to fit her style and her personality.  While a handbag or messenger bag can never fully tell the story of its owner, those chosen styles can say a lot about what she cares about.

3 Stylish Reversible Messenger Bags For Fall 2019

The Denim Stitch Messenger Bag

For those looking for a stylish bag to carry to university or even just around town to run errands, the Aria in Denim Stitch is a great choice for those on the go. This laid back style matches well with casual outfits, jeans or any laid back outfit you have on hand.

The Forest Green Messenger Bag

If green is more your style, or if you favor the grudge look then Aria in Forest is a great option. With two large and roomy pockets, this double-sided bag is perfect for carrying books, laptops, or even your dance clothes. Made from sturdy materials and highly resistant to staining, this reversible messenger bag is sure to fit anyone’s style.

The Kaleidoscope Messenger Bag

Are you tired of the same old single-color bags you see everyone else carrying and want to be a bit more unique? If so, the Aria in Kaleidoscope is just what you need. Perfect for holding all of your notes for class, your gym clothes or even your presentation for the office, this trendy bag is sure to be a hit no matter where you are headed.

How Your Bag Defines Your Style

When it comes to fashion, every choice you make plays a large role in defining your personal style. Your handbag tells the people around you a lot about your personality and your preferences. For example, those who prefer to sport Hermes or Chanel may like to be defined by their status or it may mean that they are a huge fan of a particular brand. Although there is nothing wrong with paying homage to a favorite designer, the current trends don’t revolve solely around price and notoriety. The trend for most bags this year instead focuses on the materials, shape, color, and size to highlight the need for superior function as well as trendy styling.

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