What Is Cocoa Butter? Use & Benefits In Skin Care

what is cocoa butter

With so many skincare options on the market, it is hard to find the right and suitable one. But, have you thought about cocoa butter? Although it may instantly associate with some creamy and sweet dip that you can have your pancakes with it, the cocoa butter is a very powerful skincare ingredient. It locks the moisture and protects the skin from the so-called oxidative stress.

While doing that it smells pretty great and works for the entire face and body. For those willing to find more about cocoa butter, here are some useful things.

What is cocoa butter?

Coming as vegetable fat, cocoa butter is a pure ingredient that is extracted from the cocoa seeds. It is used in the food industry and medicine, and while going through the necessary processes, it still keeps the sweet smell. It contains high dosages of saturated fat and antioxidants that make it very beneficial in the skincare industry.

Skin benefits

Each skincare product that comes enriched with cocoa butter is applied topically on the skin. The natural formation of the cocoa butter is what makes it so powerful and excellent. The high levels of vitamin K, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids are very nurturing for the skin.

The antioxidants, that the cocoa butter is rich in, help in repairing the damage on the skin that can be caused by the free radicals. This comes from the combination of high pollution and stress that affects the skin in the form of premature aging, dark spots, and dull skin.

The antioxidants in this case work towards making the skin look healthier and more radiant. Besides this, they have anti-inflammatory benefits and prevent acne from appearing. The whole process supports cell and skin regeneration which results in a radiant and healthy look. 

How to use cocoa butter?

The most common and popular use of cocoa butter is as a part of body lotion. It deeply moisturizes dry and itchy skin, locks the moistures and evens the skin tone. Many dermatologists suggest using cocoa butter-based lotion as part of a daily skincare routine. Rub in the lotion well onto the skin and let it absorb. It will hydrate it, as well as kill all the bacteria, keep it clear and smooth. The restorative process of the skin is happening overnight so don’t forget to apply the lotion before going to bed. During the night, the ingredients will work their magic and soon you will see the results yourself.

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