What Is Hemp Oil?

what is hemp seed oil

For starters, hemp oil is the result of pressing hemp seeds. Not to be confused with hash oil, as they both yield from different things. Hemp oil comes from hemp seeds while hash oil comes from a cannabis flower. Another difference is that hemp oil doesn’t contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

During the manufacturing process of hemp oil, the seeds used are cleaned of 99.99% of all its THC. This means that it is impossible to get high off of this product. In fact, hemp oil has been known to counteract the effects of the psychoactive drug, marijuana.

what is hemp oil

Uses for Hemp Oil

Mostly, hemp oil is used in body care products. This includes soaps, shampoos, and detergents. Another purpose of hemp oil is in the industrial field. Industries use hemp oil to create plastics, fuel, paint, lubricants, and so much more. It can even be used for some cooking purposes.

Using hemp oil for topical skincare and other ointments have proven to be helpful. Hemp oil has emollient properties. This means that it can make your skin feel soft and smooth. Hemp oil contains a lot of fatty acids and vitamins. This helps reduce your skin’s aging.

Some researchers even say that hemp oil can have anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve skin inflammation. Additionally, hemp oil can help with muscle tension relief. It can help those who struggle with muscle tension and those who need to recover after exercising.

Hemp Oil Extract

Hemp extract is almost the same thing as hemp oil. The only difference is that hemp oil extract is yielded specifically from parts of a hemp plant that contains higher levels of cannabidiol. This is so that the hemp oil extract will have more anti-inflammation and pain-relieving benefits. Also, any product made from hemp oil could be considered hemp oil extract.

Hemp oil and hemp oil extract are popular among skin moisturizers. Since they contain the proper amount of fatty acids and vitamins, they make for perfect skin moisturizers. Hemp oil is being used so much right now that it has become a trend for consumers and industries.

Not only is it a trend though, but it is a healthy and cheaper alternative to what skincare products were using. 

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